Updates until 27-10-2005

sessions.sql - Script knows about MTS idle
shwgrant.sql - don't show index|table partitions
indend.sql - forget about hn_segments
invalid.sql ?
crecretable.sql - now knows about partition by range and disabled FK
xpl.sql - show cardinality
indbegin.sql - forget about hn_segments
indrefresh.sql - forget about hn_segments
crecreusers.sql - include quota clause (seems I lost the previous update)
crecrets.sql - likepar parameter
free.sql - allow for larger TS
get_all.sql - allow for views with mucho columns

Updates until 11-12-2003 (Roderick)

objects.sql - script now knows about partitioned tables and indexes

Updates until 21-11-2003

indbegin.sql - hn_constraints now includes index_name
indrefresh.sql - hn_constraints now includes index_name
crecretable.sql - Script now handles primary key constraints that use existing indexes
- g_sizing = false: create index statement now ends with ';'

Updates until 15-10-2003

login.sql - My default editor is winvi
genfkonoff.sql - New script generates scripts to enable/disable foreign keys
crecretable.sql - don't write implicit (B)LOB indexes
crecreusers.sql - write quota clauses

Updates until 22-05-2003 (merging scripts from work PC)

crecretable.sql - Storage clause for indexes are now not all the same (oops)

Updates until 04-03-2003

Hard disk problems cost me the original scripts directory and all the information I had on them. So I can't really tell what's different. But here goes:

crecretable.sql - Knows about locally managed storage clause
free.sql - Now knows about temp_files
crecrets.sql - Knows about locally managed storage clause
crecredb.sql - Now knows about undo-, temporary tablespaces and other Oracle 9 create database clauses
get_all.sql - Writes trigger when-clause.

The first 4 scripts will only run in Oracle 9, original scripts have been moved to /8i.

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