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27-10-2005 20:08


In my work as Oracle DBA I often have to do things that I know I've done before. In those cases, I usually try and make a script so that I don't have to remember every little detail about SQL-syntax, etc.
The collection of scripts I've made is now so important to me that I can't really do my job without them, so they're here on the website.

The Oracle SQL-scripts are in these 3 directories

I'm in the middle of making the switch to Oracle 9. The scripts in the ../sql directory should work in Oracle 9. If you're using Oracle 8 and a script fails, see if a similar script exists in ../sql/8i and run that. Same for Oracle 7 users, try ../sql/73.

Every once in a while I update scripts (bugs solved, extra functionality). Read all about it in here (last update: 27-10-2005)

Pick up a zip file with everything here (~100 KB).

Less usefull is my collection of UNIX-shell scripts. Some of it can be used anywhere, some of it is specific for the situation I was in at the time. By the way, I 'misplaced' my own set of scripts, this is a not-so-recent set.

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