"Experience: something you get just after you need it."

In this page I collect little gems of work-related knowledge that could have saved me a lot of time, at one point or another, had I known them.

SQL*net, what tnsnames.ora is it using (04-03-2004)

This is where SQL*net looks for it's configuration files (tnsnames .. (lost rest of comment. I hate my adsl modem)

Oracle8, Installer won't start (12-02-2004)

Oracle 8i won't install on Intel Pentium IV PC running MS Windows. You need to copy the CD onto the harddisk, remove or rename the file symcjit.dll (there's two, remove/rename the one in ..\win32\bin) and install from harddisk.

Oracle9, Installer won't start (10-11-2003)

When installing Oracle 9.2 from CD on a PC running MS Windows, you need to have a screen setting with at least 256 colors. The underlying Java won't start otherwise.

Oracle9, patchset complains some files are in use (17-03-2004)

(MS windhoos XP) After stopping all running Oracle services, it still complains some of the files it wants to change are in use. Temporarily stop the "Distributed Link Tracking Client"-service. (the installer told me under MSW2K, but didn't under MSWXP) and you can install the patch.

PHP won't interpret files.php (07-01-2003)

So I click a .php file and I get the php source. Check that this is true:

  • You've installed PHP (duh)
    './configure --with-mysql --with-apxs2=[apacheinstall]/bin/apxs'
  • This line is in httpd.conf: 'AddType application/x-httpd-php .php'
  • This line is in httpd.conf: 'LoadModule php4_module modules/libphp4.so'
  • You've put a php.ini in /usr/local/lib
  • You're sure you didn't type 'x-http-php' ;-)

xinetd.conf (14-01-2004)

Don't know what the appropriate xinetd.conf entry should look like for your service? Go here.