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06-04-2016 -> 15-03-2017
(not 100%, but still)
FOUND THE PROBLEM: the Quintezz Dashcam! I had bought the webcam just before the first trip in our new car and started using it halfway down in France. Exactly when the navigation problems started (with 20/20 hindsight, everything is clear).
The webcam is connected to the 12 volt outlet and starts everytime the car starts. Sometimes, I take it out of the outlet completely. Today was one of those times. We drove of with the GPS seeing lots of satellites (6-9). At a trafficlight, I took the webcam out and hooked it up, then drove off. Within a minute after that, the GPS had lost all its satellites.
After some experimenting, it turns out that
  • Within a minute of turing the Quintezz on, the GPS is lost.
  • Within two minutes of turning the dashcam off, the GPS has a fix on 9 satellites (the weather is relatively good today. Lots of blue sky)
  • Moving the dashcam from just right of the mirror and close to the roof to the rightmost position, about halfway up the windscreen, has no negative effect on the GPS fix.
Apparently the Quintezz dashcam creates a lot of radio noise and hanging it just over the GPS antenna (which is buried in the dashboard directly under the mirror) disables the GPS navigation. Hanging the dashcam to the side fixes it.
The GPS antenna was replaced. This improved things a little bit, but it still loses its fix. The number of 'fixed' satellites (the ones in red) fluctuates between 0 and 4.
The dealer updated the software of my car and checked the wiring of the MMMC for loose connections. We had hoped the new software would improve the situation, but again, the thing just wouldn't get a gps fix (some of the time. It usually loses its fix just when thing gets interesting).
(14-06-2014 - 21-09-2014)
SOLVED - GPS failure on my new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. The tomtom is sitting in the parking lot of the Novotel hotel in Laxou, while the navigation is frollicking around in the fields just outside Nancy.
My advice: don't rely on the built-in navigation. It tends to forget where it is after a few hours driving (actually, it can't get a fix on the GPS signal. In the photo it says it can see four satellites, but it refuses to recalibrate its position)
Annoyingly, this happened a number of times and always when directions were needed. Grr.

Outlander: 48 40'49" N, 6 07'32" E
Tomtom: 48 41' 43" N, 6 07' 28" E

TakeSixx, de fantastische nieuwe homepage van de band Take Sixx.
Fixing network troubles with iSCSI server / client on my laptop (network assignments).
Not using eth0 solves addressing conflicts, but how do you rewire to a virtual bridge?
With bloopers!
Hey look, Gimp made a hand disappear! (And some spots ..err.. dirt on the lens).
Funny how the reflection of the light makes it seem as though I have grey hair..
Installing a virtual SAN server in my Slackware laptop.
This is a spin-off of my multi-year project to get a 2 node Oracle RAC database installed.

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